Embraced In The Mantle

Dance Of The MaHanaim – מחולת המחנים – little jerusalem

Priest Are Walking In Front Of The Called Army, To Plow The Anointing Free By Worship;
When The Anointing Touches The Called Army, The Talents Receive A First Touch Of The Golden Oil
From The Throne – Zechariah 4 -, This Oil Is Always Specific Oil, Oil With A Specific Revelation
And Impartation. The Shulamite And I Were Sent In the highest regions So That He Got ‘Right Of Way’
To Break the locks, especially the hexagram, which is the 666 seal; the ariel, Isaiah 29:1, Revelation 6.
This Called couple Received Some Understanding Of Song Of Songs 6:13 And Matthew 26:13, And Worked It Out In This Video. We Pray For Them Full Revelation, So That The Music And This Prophetic Dance
Will Be Anointed And This Crucial endtime Revelation Can Also Stream Through Their Lives Into The Called Body Of Christ. The Door Is Open.

Matthew 26:12+13, Rev. 11, Rev. 12, Song 6:13, Isa. 66
‘Lord, Open their eyes!’
Point Of Return
; Point Of Contact!


Mattheus 26:12+13, Ope. 11, Ope. 12, Zach.3+4, Hoogl. 6:13, Jes. 66
‘Heere, Open hun ogen!’

Point Of Return; Point Of Contact!